Felony Grand Theft and Burglary by Steve Valdez, Oakland Burning Man Fabricator

In 2014, I shared a jobsite at 1530 Wood St. in West Oakland With Steve Valdez, a fabricator/welder in the Burning Man community. Sometime between 5/6/14 and 6/1/14 he burglarized my equipment and made off with approximately $900 of goods.

Evidence left at the scene implicated him, and in fact he was later found in possession of the goods, but they were destroyed by his incompetence. I offered him 90 days to replace the stolen goods before I filed a police report, and he agreed to replace them. He was lying, and it can be safely assumed that anything he says is a lie. He lied to escape the immediate consequences of his theft, as any coward will in order to avoid consequences.

After a 90 day grace period I filed a police report about the theft. My Oakland police report number is 14-915163.

Stephen M. Valdez of 1464 9th St. in Oakland is currently being sought by the Oakland Police in connection with this felony grand theft. If you know his whereabouts, or have experienced the loss of tools from your shop after a visit by Steve Valdez, or can offer a corroborating experience to bolster my criminal and civil cases, please call the Oakland Police Non-Emergency Number and report to officer Nikita Williams-Pierre referencing Oakland Police Report 14-915163. Or visit the Oakland Police Department's website and file a supplemental report to police report # 14-915163.

As of this date I am still awaiting $900 in restitution to replace the stolen and destroyed goods. I've created this placeholder website to warn other potential clients that he will take advantage of access to your shop to steal, most likely tools. I'd be happy to discuss my experiences with you, just email johnnypayphone with the email address @yahoo.com.